I have been passionate about golf for as long as I can remember. Starting when I was a freshman in High School, I played on the boys golf team, because we did not have enough interested girls to have a full team. With continued focus and dedication, I was able to earn a full-ride scholarship to a Division 1 golf program with the University of Montana.


After graduating from college, I kept my passion for the game and, over 10 years later, I’m proud to say I maintain a scratch handicap. When I can, I play in amateur events to keep my competitive edge; although my game looks a little different than it did when I was in my prime.


Holding positions in corporate America dedicated to sales, business development strategies, and marketing, I learned how and what makes a brand successful in a digital and physical market space. Looking to get back to my roots and focus on an industry I am truly passionate about, I decided to create 2iron Marketing.


2iron Marketing is a marketing agency focused on supporting golf courses, country clubs, golf resorts, and prominent golf brands in achieving their full potential by successfully reaching their target audience(s). This ultimately supports 2iron Marketing's mission of continued growth and development of the game.


My team carries the same passion for the game as I do (it's a job requirement), and we take what we do for our clients very seriously. If you know your course or club is missing key pieces in your marketing and growth efforts, let 2iron Marketing develop and manage strategic campaigns designed for your specific targets and goals.


I invite you to click the email button below to set up an initial call.

Thanks, and may the Golf Gods be with you!


Jacki Arnic

Owner, Director of Business Development

Jacki at TPC San Antonio.
She won the Long-Drive 
at a charity event!

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