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3 Marketing Mistakes Not to Make in 2020

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

1) Not Keeping the Focus on the Customer

Many businesses, including golf courses and clubs, focus on why “they” are the best and what they bring to the table, instead of how a membership fits into their target customer’s lives, personal development, and aspirations they may have for themselves. Communication needs to focus on your target players and members and what they value. Don't abandon your values or traditions, but repurpose them in communications, keeping the focus on the customer.

As a golf club, your facility has so much more to offer than golf, tennis, and entertainment. The club is an escape from the every day, a business meeting, a more exciting way to get 10,000 steps in, a women’s networking venue, and so much more. Framing communications this way allows your message to wade through all of the chatter, capturing the attention of the market and supporting us all in growing the game.

2) Not Tracking Performance

Don’t feel bad about this one. Seasoned veterans make this mistake regularly. Businesses get so focused on the goal and building out the program or clinic and then launching it, that they don’t set KPIs, key performance indicators, or track the performance of their campaign. So they don't know what platform is bringing in the most clients or what posts, promotions, emails, print, or other communication pieces the customers are engaging with the most.

When building out your campaign and funnels, it's important to have the proper platforms and tools to capture leads and conversion data, so you know how effective your campaigns are. If something is not working and you have not measured it accurately, you may continue investing and losing money instead of investing in a strategy that converts.

3) Not Willing to Invest

Many businesses, not just the golf industry, look at marketing as an expense and not the profit center that it is in today's digital world. If not done correctly and the goal is to “just get your name or brand out there,” then yes, inbound and marketing efforts are an expense. But when completed purposefully and with your targets and goals in mind, marketing is a profit center you cannot afford to ignore.

You want to focus your time, energy, and money on what will have the most significant impact and in a speedier time frame. If I said “give me 12 months and I’ll increase your revenue by 15%” or “give me eight weeks, and I’ll increase revenue by 10%,” which would you choose? Believe it or not, many would pick the 12 months, but that’s incorrect. When looking at financials, money now is more valuable than more money later, because you can turn that 10% growth in 8 weeks into a 20%+ increase in 12 months. The 10% increase can be reinvested, compounded, and grown to exceed the 15% initially outlined. It’s a simple rule of finance that often gets missed.

Do keep in mind when building your marketing strategies that momentum or ramp up can take time, but you don’t want results in 12 months. Your business deserves results sooner than that. So be sure to invest in a solution that supports you in reaching your business goals in an appropriate time frame. You should start to see measurable results in 12 weeks or less.

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