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Golf Course Marketing Needs Content Marketing

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Navigating digital marketing is difficult, to say the least. There’s always a new tool, feature or trend that businesses need to keep up with to get the attention of their target audience. For the golf industry, this can pose an even bigger challenge. Golfers and those with a true passion for the game come from all different walks of life. You have the first time players, the advance younger golfers, the 80-year-old pushcart walkers and everything that falls in between.

So the question becomes, what is the best way to reach this vast audience and have an impact? There is a very clear definitive and it's content marketing.

Why Content Marketing

This style of marketing tells a story, shares best practices and solves problems for your audience. It's content they enjoy consuming, because it's authentic and providing value.

  • 86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key differentiator that leads to a purchasing decision

  • 78% of consumers say that personally-relevant content is a determining factor in their purchasing decision; leading to a 500% increase in consumer spending

Much of the golf industry is missing out on the benefits that compelling content marketing can bring them and do for the overall growth of the game. By choosing to invest your time and resources into strategic content marketing that aligns with your goals, you will create a trusting relationship between your business and your target audience. This trust will create more awareness and sharing of your content across different media outlets leading to measurable business increases.

The type of content your course or golf brand will want to focus on creating will depend on your targets and goals, but keep one thing in mind; mobile content has a growth rate of 125% while desktop only has a growth rate of 12%. A majority of efforts should be focused on where your target audience is spending time online and consuming mobile formatted content.

Golf Focused Content Marketing Ideas

Create content that supports current and future customers in reaching their goals

  • Social Media story describing the best way to par or birdie the 3 toughest holes on the course

  • Social Media post reviewing ball fitting and its importance in a players game

  • Post and host weekly free 15-minute skill lessons with the club pro

Develop content that is inspiring

  • Perseverance stories

  • Inspiring quotes

  • Local player success story

Post content that has cross-team input and collaboration

  • Team members first introduction to the game

  • Behind the scenes

  • Showcase what makes your course or brand unique

Be Successful In Your Content Driven Golf Marketing

A major key to successful content marketing within the golf industry is to create a strategy in alignment with your message and mission. For example, say your goals are to increase membership numbers, book more lessons, and host more events. These are 3 different goals that will each require a different strategy.

A big mistake I see many courses make is combining all of their goals in to the same communications and it's confusing to target audiences. By separating the messages and developing content that focuses on these goals individually, you directly engage with your target audience in a relevant and meaningful way. It's with this level of impact that passion and love for the game can be shared, and the golf industry as a whole can grow.

I encourage you to do your own research on content marketing and apply this within your golf marketing campaigns. If you're looking for guidance to define your communications, we would be happy to help! We specialize in marketing within the golf industry and know how to build out campaigns based on organizational goals while capitalizing on your ROI.

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